Tonight, the KCMSD School Board narrowly approved the Right Sizing Plan proposed by Dr. Covington.  26 buildings will be closed in an effort to redirect the District’s resources to improving the education of its 17,000 students.  The Board voted 5-4 to move forward with the plan to transform the KCMSD.  Sadly, Dr. Covington’s victory may be short-lived.  After voting unanimously to bring Dr Covington to town to reform the District, four board members proved that they weren’t willing to support him as he makes the tough decisions.  The fractious board now places the implementation of the Right Sizing plan in jeopardy.  The community cannot take for granted that Dr Covington will be allowed to dismiss teachers, introduce new curriculum, implement performance standards and revolutionize the quality of education in our District.  The administration’s proposals may even be challenged in the coming months by board members who will be elected to serve on April 6th.  The fate of our District depends on whether the new board will support the superintendent and his staff as they transform the district.  As you attend the school board candidate forums and debates, ask each candidate if they plan to stand by this administration and the Right Sizing Plan that the community endorsed.  Can the community afford a school board that is not unified in its vision?  Ask each candidate if they intend to Do The Right Thing For Kids. 

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