KCPS School District facts that you should know:

  • The KCPS spends $14,253 per student vs. the State average of $10, 019 (1)
  • As of June 30, 2010, the KCPS has a total operating budget of $319.7 million for a 2008-09 K-12 enrollment of 17,677. (1)
  • The average ACT score from students in the KCPS is 16.8. (The minimum score required to get into the University of Missouri, Columbia is 24; unless student is in the top 6% class; then score of 17 is allowed)  (1)
  • Only 31% of district students are proficient in math; 72% of district students cannot read at grade level. (Based upon scores from the 2009 MAP test, Missouri’s standardized assessment test) (1)
  • KCPS spends 55% more on administration than any of the other 9 surrounding metro school districts. (3)
  • 87% of KCPS graduates enrolling in area community colleges require remedial math courses. (Based upon enrollment data from Metropolitan Community Colleges  of Kansas City in 2007)
  • The KCPS meets only four of the State’s 14 Accreditation Standards, none of which are academically related. (The District was stripped of its accreditation in 2001 and is currently only provisionally accredited) (1)
  • The District has had 26 superintendents during the last 40 years. (3)

(1) Web site – Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education

(2) The Kansas City Star, Joe Robertson 07/20/2008

(3) The Kansas City Star, Joe Robertson 07/05/2009


KCPS has seven High Schools, one Career and Technical Education School and 27 Elementary/Middle Schools. View a complete list on our site or a listing with grades, addresses and phone numbers on the KCPS website.

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