Do the Right Thing for Kids agrees with the Kansas City Star’s edi­to­r­i­al, “Break with the past and restruc­ture the school board.” We have, for sev­er­al years, advo­cat­ed a change in gov­er­nance as a means to turn the Kansas City Public School District around. There have been many plans, new super­in­ten­dents and incre­men­tal first-aid mea­sures, and none have worked. In fact, things have got­ten worse. KCPS stu­dents deserve a school dis­trict that shoots for meet­ing 14 accred­i­ta­tion stan­dards and does not set­tle for 6. It’s time to face up to the need for rein­vent­ing the dis­trict.

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