Number of Board Watchers Reporting: 5

School Board Member Attendance: Airick West, Derek Richey, Arthur Benson, Kyleen Carroll, Joseph Jackson, Duane Kelly, Crispin Rea, and Ray Wilson.

I. Academics-Was there any informative discussion on academic achievement at this meeting?

YES: 3 — NO: 2

Academic achievement, the most crucial issue of the district at this time, deserves more attention at board meetings. Except for recognition of the Early College Program and its students, the Board did not have academics on the agenda, and there was no meaningful discussion or comments on how the district is going to address the critical issue of accreditation. The Superintendent did make a brief report on moving forward after the district’s loss of accreditation.

Do The Right Thing for Kids will be watching for progress on accreditation. “Following the plan” is good but not enough. What will the priorities be? Will regular objective progress reports be presented? How much it will cost to implement the plan? Who is in charge of the various elements, and who is going to be held accountable?

II. Finances-Was there any informative discussion on district finances at this meeting?

YES: 3 — NO: 2

Explanations were given concerning contracts for the SES Providers and group medical and dental coverage. Elements of a new contract between the district and the teacher’s union were announced. The CFO gave clear explanations of financial questions asked. There was little discussion by the board.

III. Superintendent-Was the Superintendent held accountable for district performance?

YES: 1 — NO: 2 — N/A: 2

It is premature to hold Dr. Green accountable for district performance. The superintendent’s report continues to cover announcements and upcoming events. Hopefully significant information concerning the actual operation of the district will become part of Dr. Green’s remarks.

IV. Board Management-Was the meeting well organized and managed efficiently?

YES: 3 — NO: 2

The business portion of the meeting was run more efficiently. The public speaking segment appeared to be staged, and therefore the number of speakers was excessive.

V. Did you learn anything from attending this meeting?

YES: 4 — NO: 1

The administration gave informative reports. Some details of the collective bargaining agreement with the teacher’s union were disclosed. It was announced that the repurposing process is being handled by the administration, and there was a report on security camera installation.


This district just lost accreditation and the board was mired in internal politics and business as usual. What is it going to do to regain accreditation?

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