The School Board has changed its format for meetings. The first meeting of the month (usually the second Wednesday) is an informational meeting in which staff or other resource persons make presentations to the Board about topics of interest and relevance. The second meeting of the month (usually the fourth Wednesday) is a business meeting in which votes are taken, discussions are held and resources allocated. Do the Right Thing for Kids supports this change because thus far it has helped make meetings more efficient.

At its October 12 meeting the Board heard from senior staff about goals and plans for implementation of the long range Transformation Plan which was developed last year. This is an extremely ambitious plan that will involve a good deal of staff time and resources. While each of the goals is, in itself, a desirable target, observers from Do The Right Thing for Kids are concerned that the District may be taking on too much given the current stress on the organization from loss of accreditation, lack of continuity in leadership, and the inevitable shrinkage of enrollment and funds. Some priorities will need to be set. In future we will report in more detail on the Transformation Plan and efforts related to it.

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