The Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE) has announced results of its accreditation review for Missouri public schools. The Annual Performance Report awards the Kansas City Public Schools a total of 84 points out of a possible 140, which is 60 percent.

The DESE chart below shows points awarded for each of the five categories of accreditation. It can be seen that performance was best on Standards 3, 4 and 5 which are percentages of students in administrative categories. Scores on Standards 1 and 2, evaluations of academic performance, are weaker with 42 and 46 percent of possible points earned. While the percentages are above the minimum for conditional accreditation, other factors may also be taken into account.

DESE Chart

Do the Right Thing for Kids recommends an article by Steve Bell of KCUR discussing some of the issues that the State Board will take into account in making a final decision.

Do the Right Thing for Kids is further analyzing the data and will be stating its findings and conclusions soon. Our position will be influenced not only by the DESE report but also by the ACT scores announced in the Kansas City Star “Neighborhood News” section on August 27 showing the Kansas City Public School scores the lowest in the area [link includes very small ACT score chart graphic].

Download the full DESE Report for Kansas City from our site (.doc format).

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