The Kansas City Public School Board Report, June 12, 2013

The administration presented a great deal of data regarding graduation rates of students at the district’s seven high schools.  While the information was impressive, it was not particularly relevant because it represented only those students who began the 12th year at the school and subsequently graduated that year.  The administration admitted that the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE) looks at much more detailed data when determining points awarded toward accreditation.  Unfortunately, the Board seemed satisfied with the presentation rather than requesting the administration to present scores on college admission tests (ACT or SAT) which would demonstrate the effectiveness of the educational experience rather than just who received a diploma. Graduating at grade level with the ability to score at least at state average levels on standardized college admission tests is a far better measure of success.

The Kansas City Public Schools Board Report, June 26, 2013

Starting 45 minutes late, the board spent the majority of the meeting time debating the language in an amendment to Board Policy #1.0, Administrative and Governance Ends. The process of amending this policy began last fall, and while parts of the amendment were approved, Board President West still had issues with two sections and requested they be revisited at a future meeting.  It is disappointing that the board cannot seem to agree on basic achievement levels for its students.  Members of Do The Right Thing for Kids are frustrated that the board seems unwilling to state that students should graduate at grade level. Graduating on time with options for a successful future is setting a rather low bar for a district claiming to be headed toward world class.

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