Two Board Watchers for Do the Right Thing for Kids observed and eval­u­at­ed the December 21, 2011 KCPS School Board busi­ness meet­ing. At the begin­ning of the meet­ing board mem­ber Ray Wilson moved to amend the agen­da to allow speak­ers rep­re­sent­ing the Afrikan Centered Education Collegium Campus to protest the district’s fund­ing lev­el for ACE. Ajamu Webster deferred his time to Clinton Adams, Rev. Sam Mann and Rev. Wallace Hartsfield, II. Board pres­i­dent Airick Leonard West main­tained con­trol of the meet­ing that had the poten­tial of being hijacked by speak­ers and includ­ed veiled accu­sa­tions of racism.

The Kansas City Star report­ed:

The dis­trict might be able to renew a con­tract with ACE if it could be restruc­tured to give the dis­trict con­trol of many of the finances, [Acting Superintendent Steve] Green said. The cam­pus like­ly would need to be reduced by at least one build­ing. “And the law­suit would need to go away.”

Unfortunately, it was busi­ness as usu­al at this meeting—groups press­ing for their own projects and inter­ests and still no focused dis­cus­sion on gain­ing accred­i­ta­tion for the dis­trict.

View the agenda/minutes of this meet­ing
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