KCPS School District facts that you should know:

  • The KCPS spends $14,253 per stu­dent vs. the State aver­age of $10, 019 (1)
  • As of June 30, 2010, the KCPS has a total oper­at­ing bud­get of $319.7 mil­lion for a 2008-09 K-12 enroll­ment of 17,677. (1)
  • The aver­age ACT score from stu­dents in the KCPS is 16.8. (The min­i­mum score required to get into the University of Missouri, Columbia is 24; unless stu­dent is in the top 6% class; then score of 17 is allowed)  (1)
  • Only 31% of dis­trict stu­dents are pro­fi­cient in math; 72% of dis­trict stu­dents can­not read at grade lev­el. (Based upon scores from the 2009 MAP test, Missouri’s stan­dard­ized assess­ment test) (1)
  • KCPS spends 55% more on admin­is­tra­tion than any of the oth­er 9 sur­round­ing metro school dis­tricts. (3)
  • 87% of KCPS grad­u­ates enrolling in area com­mu­ni­ty col­leges require reme­di­al math cours­es. (Based upon enroll­ment data from Metropolitan Community Colleges  of Kansas City in 2007)
  • The KCPS meets only four of the State’s 14 Accreditation Standards, none of which are aca­d­e­m­i­cal­ly relat­ed. (The District was stripped of its accred­i­ta­tion in 2001 and is cur­rent­ly only pro­vi­sion­al­ly accred­it­ed) (1)
  • The District has had 26 super­in­ten­dents dur­ing the last 40 years. (3)

(1) Web site — Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education

(2) The Kansas City Star, Joe Robertson 07/20/2008

(3) The Kansas City Star, Joe Robertson 07/05/2009


KCPS has sev­en High Schools, one Career and Technical Education School and 27 Elementary/Middle Schools. View a com­plete list on our site or a list­ing with grades, address­es and phone num­bers on the KCPS web­site.

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