Laura Lloyd, in an excel­lent opin­ion in the KC Star (As I See It), ques­tions why noth­ing seems to improve for KC pub­lic schools except for a few suc­cess char­ters, and points out that the dis­trict doesn’t seem inter­est­ed in imple­ment­ing the rad­i­cal changes nec­es­sary to suc­ceed.

She ref­er­ences M. Night Shyamalan’s new book, “I Got Schooled,” who writes that to nar­row the achieve­ment gap between white stu­dents and stu­dents of col­or, these five fac­tors must occur:

  • Remove bad teach­ers, who are iden­ti­fied through a rig­or­ous eval­u­a­tion process.
  • Provide supe­ri­or lead­er­ship — prin­ci­pals who are mon­i­tor­ing the cal­iber of instruc­tion at all times.
  • Use data well — test­ing kids in a vari­ety of inno­v­a­tive ways.
  • Keep schools small.
  • Extend the school day and school year beyond the cur­rent nine months a year and sev­en hours a day.

We encour­age you to read the full essay, avail­able on the KC Star’s web­site.

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