A col­lab­o­ra­tive effort between UMKC and KCMSD pro­vides 14 men­tors to over 170 new and sec­ond year teach­ers in the KCMSD.  Building a strong sup­port sys­tem just may be what keeps these new teach­ers in the class­room.  Statistics show that over half of new teach­ers nation­wide leave the pro­fes­sion with­in five years.  Even though research con­nect­ing men­tor­ing to reduced attri­tion is incon­clu­sive, KCMSD appears com­mit­ted to lend­ing its new teach­ers a hand.   The Kansas City Star notes that KCMSD has com­mit­ted $1.6 mil­lion to the effort so far.

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