Kansas City, Mo. School District Superintendent, John Covington, recent­ly intro­duced the mem­bers of his hand-picked lead­er­ship team. Kansas City has wait­ed a long time for qual­i­fied experts to lead our school district…and change couldn’t have come soon enough. The Kansas City Star edi­to­r­i­al board reminds us, how­ev­er, that there are fac­tions in the school dis­trict and com­mu­ni­ty that are noto­ri­ous­ly resis­tant to change. Dr. Covington wel­comes the chal­lenge and notes “it is my fer­vent hope that we step on a lot of fief­doms.”

What a breath of fresh air!

View the bios of the superintendent’s cab­i­net.

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