Missouri Representative Jay Barnes, “If you fol­low Missouri edu­ca­tion pol­i­cy, you’ve heard about a few alleged con­tro­ver­sies which has led to a trio of teacher’s unions and a hand­ful of Democratic law­mak­ers to ask for the res­ig­na­tion of Dr. Chris Nicastro, the Commissioner of the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education. Dr. Nicastro’s alleged wrongs? (1) Conferring with a group like­ly to place an ini­tia­tive peti­tion on next year’s bal­lot regard­ing teacher tenure – and rec­om­mend­ing a changed sug­ges­tion to the fis­cal note on the bill which was recent­ly upheld by a Missouri court, and (2) refus­ing to allow the sta­tus quo in Kansas City to con­tin­ue.

What you prob­a­bly don’t know is the long back­sto­ry on this which expos­es it for the farce that it is.

You’d think by the tone of their state­ments that the alleged­ly con­tro­ver­sial meet­ings on the bal­lot ini­tia­tive were only recent­ly revealed to these unions. After all, if they’re so far out of line, it would make sense that the unions would cry foul right away. Turns out, how­ev­er, that the unions have had them since ear­ly May.

So why would they wait near­ly half a year before say­ing any­thing? Because they had a lot of issues to hang over Dr. Nicastro’s head over the last six months.”

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