gavelLinked below is a sum­ma­ry of the book Complex Justice: the case of Missouri v. Jenkins writ­ten by Joshua Dunn, Ph.D. and Assistant Professor of Political Science, University of Colorado-Colorado Springs.

Dr. Dunn’s book details the land­mark Missouri v. Jenkins deseg­re­ga­tion case which man­dat­ed $2 bil­lion of improve­ments to the Kansas City, Missouri school dis­trict, and which stretched for near­ly three decades.

What can we learn from the past?  What is the best rem­e­dy for this ail­ing, but once proud dis­trict?  One les­son is very clear — reform will not come from judi­cial over­sight.  It must come from the peo­ple. You can be part of the solu­tion.  We invite you to join our task force “Do the Right Thing for Kids” today.  Make your voic­es heard, and let’s work togeth­er to final­ly pro­vide the chil­dren of Kansas City with the edu­ca­tion they deserve.


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